Infants need a safe, secure, nurturing, and creative space where they can learn, play, and grow. Our program provides an environment full of experiences to help infants develop skills for future stages of development. Our teachers sing, read, and talk to help infants to create a positive and supportive bond between infant and teacher. Our classrooms provide opportunity for infants to move, explore, and play in safety with confidence.


Toddlers need a safe, secure, nurturing, and creative space to allow them to focus on both education fundamentals and social skills. Our program allows opportunities for creative expression include songs, games, art, and movement. These opportunities allow children to gain skills and build confidence. Toddlers are curious about their world, busy exploring their environment, and are learning how to communicate their thoughts. At this age, they begin to learn how to become part of a group, they begin learning how to share, cooperate, and take turns.


Preschoolers need a safe, secure, nurturing, and creative space to provide opportunities for them to interact more with peers, explore, learn complex skills, improve their coordination, and develop self-confidence. Our program provides preschoolers need educational opportunities in math, science, language, and social skills. Preschoolers deserve individual attention to help support their unique personalities and needs. Preschoolers are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn, while developing self-confidence and meaningful friendships.


Pre-Kindergartener need a safe, secure, nurturing, and creative space during this significant time in their educational development so they can prepare for kindergarten and beyond. Our program provides prekindergartners opportunities that promotes independence and advanced thinking skills in a structured, stimulating, and inspiring environment which allows for learning experiences that encourages creative ideas and a love for learning.